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Aufgrund der neusten Gesetze aus 2023, die besagen, dass eine Vermietung nur noch mit Ikamet (und einem Gewerbe als Hotelbetrieb) möglich ist, haben wir diesen Service und den Vermietungsservice eingestellt. 



Unser Ziel ist es, Ihnen einen maximum an Gewinn aus Ihrem Investment am Meer zu bieten. Deshalb haben wir spezielle Services zusammengefasst. 

Bitte werfen Sie einen Blick darauf – und wenn Sie Fragen haben:

Fragen Sie einfach nach! 

Whats inside
the Club?

only 99,--€ per Year

Join the Club!

the Alanya.Cloud

Interessiert wer wir darüber hinaus sind?

Folgen Sie der Alanya.Cloud - Business Association.

only 99,--€ per Year

Join the Club!

Book your Membership!

Book your AIC Club Membership for only 99,--€ per Year.

Thanks for Booking!


10 Schritte zum Profit @Alanya
(Video Workshop)

- for FREE -


  • How can I access the Club?
    Just go to the BOOKING Section and follow the Steps. Your Investment is 99€ per Year (07.2023). After the Payment arrived, you will get your Access.
  • Is the Club for BUYERS of AIC Club for free?
    Yes. You, as our Customer, get free entrance.
  • Is the Club for Partners for free?
    No. We decided to take this little Invest and see it as Coverage and Seriousness.
  • Why do we combine a Facebook Group in additional to the Page.
    In additional to the inside AIC Club Page you are a Member of our secret Facebook Group "AIC Club Insides". Here we are communicating. The Technic of Facebook is much more efficient like any other System and totally perfect for Group Communication. In Future we will plan there Group Projects, Property Fonds and Rental Propertys. - if there is demand. In the Facebook Group we are LIVE one Time a Week with our Walkaround and one Time in a Month with our Coffee and News. All Videos are archived at the Club Page Blog too. -------------- If you dont have any Account, we can support you to get an secret Account there.
  • Who we are
    In past Times, we are "normal" Real Estate and Investment Agents - for over 30 Years in Germany. Since 2017 we did the same in Alanya. In 2022 we founded "Alanya.Haus" our own Real Estate Agency in Alanya. But this is not, what we wanted to do. The Alanya Agency Market is penetrated from a sort of Estate - Cowboys which makes the Market "unhappy". We wanted to sell Properties and a high Degree of Understanding and Managing. This is what we can - this is what we do now. For more, take a look at our ABOUT Page.
  • How can I get Propertie Offers?
    Let us talk about! Let us fix an Appointment and we will talk about your Target via - Phone, if you have a Turkisch or German Number - Phone, via VOIP like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram... - Video Call via Zoom, WhatsApp... Please write us a Message and let your Contact Informations there. In our Call we can go deep in your Details and afterward you get 3-5 Offers for your Investment. Languages: German, English, Turkish
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