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This is your Destination for Sea Property Asset

The AIC Club

We are german Real Estate Professionals since 1990.

Your Host, Claudia - Ayda Bülbül (former: Stahl), is a Marketing Strategist and Sales Manager since 1990 in the Financial - and Property Sector. 

Your Operative Manager Idris Bülbül, was educated in Room Design, did over 30 Years Pratice, including Building Modernization, in Germany. Since 2016 he worked as Real Estate Agent in Turkey.

2021 they founded IB Design Ltd. and the Brand "Alanya.Bau".

2022 they grounded the Real Estate Startup "Alanya.Haus" with huge Success. Because it takes to much Time and a changed Focus, they sold it in June 2023

All this Datas, Knowings und Usebilitys endet here. 

Now - we are presenting a Privat Club for Property Asset. 


Our Mission is to give you

the best Informations

about our Market to make your invest

easily and maximum profitable. 


Making the best Profit, 

out of Propertys

by the Sea.

3.0 Values

Our Values are based on

Totally Quality - and Zen Management,

so we stand for 

 Analyzes and Strategies as well as for the Flow.

Market & Propertys

The Core Market is in Alanya,

where we are living and working.

With our Recommendations

we follow the Bottum - up

as well as the Top - Down Principles.

the Alanya.Cloud

If youre Interested in what we are doing all in one, 

come and check out the Alanya.Cloud - Business Association

"I would be happy to speak about your Possibilitys in Alanya to make Money out of Money. Just get in Touch!" 

Claudia Bülbül, Host of the Club

"If you are looking for your best fit Property and a smooth Purchase - i am waiting for you!" 

Idris Bülbül, Operativ Management

and now - check it out


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